The List

If you know me, you know I write everything down. Here is The List of things that I know I will accomplish. I will be working actively to accomplish each one sooner rather than later. Oh but don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a permanent list. I will continuously add to it whenever I get a new spark of inspiration.

The first step is to dream it, the second step is to make it a reality.

-Sincerely Michelle


Start a blogย (1/24/2019)

Create 50 blog posts

Learn how SEO works

Get 400 views in a month (11/30/2019-443 views)

Get 1,000 views in a month

Create an e-book for my blog

Upgrade to a business account

Make money off

Have my blog be featured on another site (09/24/2019)-


Get 100 followers on Twitter (12/01/2019)

Get 500 followers on Twitter

Get 200 followers on Pinterest

Get 100 followers on Facebook

Create a theme for my Instagram pictures


Own a house

Get my Bachelor’s

Become a FL Notaryย (12/05/2018)

Get into photography (08/26/2019)

Purify my own water

Publish my poetry book

Publish a children’s book

Learn basic sign language

Successfully grow two vegetables

Book my first photography session

Build a green house in my backyard

Build a way to give back to a family in Colombia yearly


Run a mile jog

Master 3 yoga poses

No meat for a month

No eating out for a month

Run a mile without a break

Do 15 push-ups with out a break

Drink 60oz of water everyday for a weekย 

Go to the gym three times a week for three months


Travel to Bali

Climb a mountain

Travel to Costa Rica

Swim with dolphins

Go indoor skydiving

Go camping for a weekend

Complete the Hollywood Sign Hike

Move to Florida from Massachusetts (10/06/2017)

Take Gabe to a Golden State basketball game


Write an e-cookbook

Learn to use a pressure cooker

Cut out Pork from my diet completely

Successfully eat a vegetarian diet for 14 days

Eliminate processed foods from my diet for a month