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See Ya Later Alligator

Happy Saturday lovebugs! This past weekend we spent the afternoon at Gatorland. A good size alligator park in Orlando, FL. It's definitely a great place to visit with the whole family if you need a break of the long lines and prices at the Disney Parks. Below I'll share our day at Gatorland! So this… Continue reading See Ya Later Alligator

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The Three P’s to Conquer The Terrible 2’s

Oh, the wonderful phase of the terrible twos. Luckily it's just that, a phase but it never fails to seem like it lasts too long. Some parents feel embarrassed or like a bad parent when it happens in public but don't. This phase is completely normal. It's just the child testing out their boundaries/limits and… Continue reading The Three P’s to Conquer The Terrible 2’s

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5 Newborn Myths

Being a new mother is challenging. You have advice coming from all different directions and it can become overwhelming. I hope learning about the following myth busters will help ease your stress. Here are 5 Newborn Myths: Myth 1: Holding your newborn too much will spoil them to always want to be held. This is… Continue reading 5 Newborn Myths