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5 Self Care Tips Before Starting Your Week

I would dread Monday's growing up but over the years, I've surprisingly become a Monday person. I honestly think it's all about perspective. Mondays use to mean dreading to start the long work week again and stressing about the week ahead. Now Mondays are used to set the tone for the week and embrace all… Continue reading 5 Self Care Tips Before Starting Your Week

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The Perfect Time Is Now

We often get caught up in the when to start, how to start, why even start that we just never start. I personally struggled with finding the perfect time to start which caused delay in starting.    In order to fuel your self-development you must be healthy physically, mentally & spiritually. Remember when you lack… Continue reading The Perfect Time Is Now


2019 Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

Happy Monday! I hope everyone was able to experience last night's beauty. I am currently in the process of understanding the universe and its energy. So I have to say, last night was a big deal for me. I froze my butt off but I wanted to feel the full effect of this moon. I… Continue reading 2019 Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

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3 Ways To Stick To Your Gym Routine

Welcome back & Happy Tuesday I'm going to share how I've been staying on track with my gym routine. I've struggled to gain weight since I had my son in 2011. I'm also not the best at controlling stress in which curved my appetite, leading me to miss many meals. I used various of excuses… Continue reading 3 Ways To Stick To Your Gym Routine


Outing: Orlando Science Center Trip

Happy Sunday! We took a trip to Orlando's Science Center. It was a beautiful afternoon and such a great way to end his winter school vacation. He had so much fun exploring and learning. We didn't have time to see everything. I didn't want to rush his experience but that only means we can plan… Continue reading Outing: Orlando Science Center Trip