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4 Ways To Organize Your Goals For The New Year

Staying organized is beneficial for every aspect in life; parent life, business life, career life, personal life and financial life. If you don't have a plan in place many things can be left undone and put on the back burner. If you're anything like me, your to-do list never ends. You can't help but think… Continue reading 4 Ways To Organize Your Goals For The New Year

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Infant Hair Loss

All infants are different, which means some are born with a full set of hair and others are born shiny bald. There can be many reasons for this. Usually the hair (or no hair) they're born with changes within months, so don't get too attached! What is infant hair loss? Infant hair loss is better… Continue reading Infant Hair Loss

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DIY Paper Airplanes

My son has been traveling on airplanes since he was an infant and he loves it. He has recently become intrigued in creating all different types of paper airplanes for himself and to give away to his friends. This is a fairly easy kid craft and it only takes a couple of minutes to create!… Continue reading DIY Paper Airplanes

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5 Ways To Spot Bullying

As your children enter pre-school/elementary school, we as parents are filled with mixed emotions. Unfortunately, bullying has severely increased over the years. Which makes it important to be on the look out as parents for any warning signs. We need to empower our children to speak up. Many children suffer in silence and never mention anything, not even to a close friend. Realistically,… Continue reading 5 Ways To Spot Bullying