Mask Monday’s Chit Chat: If It’s Toxic, Cut It Off

Hey loves! Welcome back to this week’s Mask Monday’s Chit Chat.

Happy December everyone! I’ve decided to start this month’s chit chat with a quick realization of cutting of anything that’s toxic:


Yes, as blunt as it sounds – cut it off. Cut off any toxicity in your life, it’s like poison to your own body. It sounds easier said than done. Sometimes we don’t even realize how toxic a person or situation is until it’s cut off.

There’s many aspects of toxicity that can consume our lives like toxic people and toxic situations.

Examples of a toxic person/situation:

  • Someone trying to control you with guilt trips
  • Someone who doesn’t respect any boundaries
  • Someone who is manipulative to get what they want
  • Someone who over-apologizes but continues the same action
  • Someone who doesn’t apologize because they think they’re always right
  • Someone  who victimizes their self in every situation
  • Someone who can’t take responsibility for their own actions
  • Someone who is unrealistically jealous about any little thing
  • Someone who makes you prove yourself, friendship or love to them consistently
  • Being in a situation where you are drained after spending time with someone/someplace
  • Being in a situation where you feel forced to go somewhere you don’t enjoy
  • Being somewhere surrounded by bad energy
  • Being somewhere surrounded by gossip
  • Being in a situation where you are being judged

The list can go on and on. A toxic person can be a family member, significant other, a friend or a work colleague. It’s honestly almost always someone closer to you that can cause more damage.

A toxic situation can come from your family life, work environment or social life. Don’t settle on a toxic situation because you feel the obligation to attend toxic family reunions, you need the job regardless if it’s toxic work environment or you need to get blackout drunk every weekend because your friends peer pressure you to do so.

If you spot any of these traits, recognize it as a red flag but most importantly address it

“Nothing or no one who is toxic is worth keeping around.” -Michelle


Stay tuned, as I’ll be publishing a more in-depth post on these toxic examples.

Check out this week’s face mask, here.


What are other signs you’ve seen from toxic people or situations?

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