Mask Monday’s Chit Chat: 10 Tips On How To Kill Your Next Interview

Hey loves! Welcome back to this week’s Mask Monday’s Chit Chat. I thought I’d lighten up the mood in the next few chit chat’s.

This week we’ll go over some tips to kill your next interview.


Working in Human Resources has given me a special outlook on the whole hiring process from the employer side. Though companies have different interviewing processes, I feel confident these tips can help everyone.

  • Research The Company

If you’re applying to a certain company, there must be a reason why. Now a days you can google just about anything. Research the company to save yourself and the employer’s time.

I always suggest to research the company in two ways.

First thing, I always recommend to get on Indeed, search the company and go over all the past/present employee’s reviews. This will give you an inside look before even walking into the interview.

Second thing, I recommend is to get to know what the company is about. Research how long it’s been functioning for, their mission statement, etc. 9 times out of 10, the employer will ask why you applied to their company. It’s always a good look to know a little bit about the company. This will show the employer your high interest in the company.

  • Arrive Early

Hiring managers almost never run on time. This is because of many reasons, candidates doing no shows or interviews running a bit longer than expected, etc. I always recommend to arrive 15 mins before your scheduled time.

Arriving early avoids being late because of traffic or bad directions. This gives you time to deal with any inconveniences that may occur.

Also when you arrive early, you’re able to observe the workplace functioning before the interview which could even be a deal breaker for you or trigger questions you may want to ask.

  • Appearance

First impressions are everything. Your appearance is the first thing your interviewer will will notice. A bad appearance could cause you to lose your opportunity before having a chance to showcase your talents.

Make sure to be cleaned up, no excessive makeup or excessive perfume/cologne. Always try to dress as if you already have the job. If you’re unsure, business casual is always the way to go.

  • Body Language

Most people don’t think of body language as being a big deal but it is. Personally, body language will let the employer know how interested you are in the position and how confident you are to fill the position.

Body languages to avoid:

  • Slouching
  • Leaning in your chair
  • Aggressive body language
  • Wandering eyes
  • Crossing your arms
  • Fiddling with objects
  • Crazy hand motions
  • Shrugging

Make sure to keep respectful body language throughout the interview.

  • Be Yourself

If there’s one thing I’d stress it’d be this. Just be yourself. No company is looking for a robot who has all the answers. When you just be yourself, you have a greater chance to connect with the interviewer.

Personally, I enjoy connecting with candidates because it gives me a better insight. I also would lean towards training the candidate if they didn’t have the desired experience but in exchange had the right attitude and motivation to learn. Personality is important.

Though it’s important to be yourself, you want to remain professional and respectful at all times. Make sure your appropriate with what you share and how you share it.

  • Ask Questions

Asking questions is important. Prepare your own questions before the interview and write down any questions as you go through the interview.

Here are 6 questions to keep in mind:

  1. Is there opportunity to grow within the company?
  2. What is the day-to-day routine for this position?
  3. What are the challenging aspects of the position?
  4. What is the training process for this position?
  5. What’s the company’s and team’s culture like?
  6. What is the turnover rate for this position?

This is the perfect time to ask all the questions so you’re able to weigh your pros and cons against other job offers.

  • Don’t Over Talk

It’s easy when you’re nervous to over talk. Take a deep breath. Listen to the question and answer it in less than 60 seconds.

Personally, if I have a question or want more details, I won’t hesitate to ask the candidate for a further explanation. Try your hardest to not get off topic or over explain your answer.

Candidates who ramble on, tend to lose the interest of the interviewer and it could cost you the opportunity of getting the position.

Keep it short and simple.

  • Avoid Your Phone

This should be common sense, but unfortunately it’s not. Your phone should be out of sight and out of mind. Cellphones make room for distractions and gives off the impression you are not 100% focused.

If it rings, just apologize and turn it off and continue. The easiest recommendation is to put it on DND during the interview.

  • Follow Up Email

Following up with the interviewer during the hiring process, is a great way to let the employer know how interested you are.

Try to aim for a follow up e-mail same day or the day after. One follow up e-mail should be enough. You want to avoid flooding them, as that may shy the employer away.

Here are pointers for the follow up email:

  • Be brief
  • Straight to the point
  • Make sure to thank them for their time
  • Mention your interest, goals and experience
  • Mention one thing that sets you apart from other candidates
  • Your contact information

Follow these few tips to kill your next interview. Remember to get a good nights rest, take a deep breath and kill it with confidence. Good luck!

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What tips do you have to kill an interview?

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8 thoughts on “Mask Monday’s Chit Chat: 10 Tips On How To Kill Your Next Interview

  1. Great tips! I love my job and hope to not have to be interviewed again for awhile, but I’ve been on Interview committees recently when hiring new employees. Your tips are spot on!


  2. Great tips! I love that you say to be yourself! It can be so easy to be so nervous that we do act like a robot and just give the right answer. But personality matters a lot!


  3. Wonderful tips! Especially the ones about researching the company and asking the employer questions, I think those really show interest!


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