Mask Monday’s Chit Chat: Bitter Baby Mothers

Hey babes!ย Welcome back to this week’sย Mask Monday’s Chit Chat.

This week’s chit chat is a touchy topic… – bitter baby mothers. So let’s get to it while doing a refreshing face mask.


First thing’s first.

A bitter baby mother is a mother who tries anything to block out a father who is trying to take care of their child out of being wrongfully spiteful and selfish.

A few wrongfully spiteful examples:

  • Because the relationship ended
  • Because the father is in a new relationship
  • Because of jealousy of the fathers new accomplishments/success

Being bitter will not resolve anything. It will destroy an opportunity to build a healthy co-parenting environment for your child.

Over the years, I’ve always noticed deadbeat baby fathers being bashed meanwhile bitter baby mothers aren’t as acknowledged. Honestly though, why? Both are equally just as damaging and toxic to the child.

Though I don’t believe it’s necessary to bash anyone, I do believe we should shed light to this topic.

To all my bitter baby mothers – I understand you’re hurt, confused, angry, heartbroken, etc but ask yourself, is my bitterness more important than creating a healthy situation for my child?

If you’re going through a heartbreak or any down feeling, this process won’t be easy. Acknowledge there will be days you will agree to disagree, days you want to rip his head off, days you just can’t even stand his voice, but don’t give up.

I currently co-parent with my son’s father and it’s far from perfect so I understand. I try hard to always remain civil so we can raise him in a healthy environment. But just like most people, we have bad days.

If he’s making strides to be a good father regardless of the downfall in the romantic relationship, be proud of that. Unless there is disrespect, a safety issues, etc. you will have to deal with him at least until the child is 18.

Unfortunately or fortunately, he will always be the child’s father so might as well make it less stressful for both yourself and the father.

Take baby steps if that’s what it takes to help build a positive environment.

Here are 8 helpful tips:

  • Find middle grounds
  • Avoid social media rants
  • Don’t take things personal
  • Balance logic and emotion
  • Always put your child first
  • Leave your pride/ego at the door
  • Learn to walk away before the situation escalates
  • Pick your battles, not everything is worth an argument

“Every action doesn’t need a reaction”

This post wasn’t meant to bash bitter baby mothers. This post was meant to shed light and share tips to help anyone going through this, so they can create a positive environment.

Check out this week’s face mask, here.


What tips do you have for co-parenting?

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