Mask Monday’s Chit Chat: Perfect Doesn’t Exist

Hey babes! Welcome back to this week’s Mask Monday’s Chit Chat.

In today’s world, everyone has this fascination with perfection. Obsessed with finding the perfect person, looking perfect, having a perfect life and just being a perfect person. It’s unrealistic. Pushing yourself to be perfect isn’t healthy for many reasons.

We’ll also go over the neon face mask which is a slight representation of today’s topic.


P e r f e c t i o n… Something most people aim to portray for the outside world. People stress their self to create “perfect” vacations, “perfect” life moment, “perfect” bodies, etc.

If you have constant thoughts of – “I wish I was them” “I wish I had their life” “I wish I had their body” “I have to post this so they can see me living my best life” – you are a victim of a toxic cycle.

Comparing yourself to others or portraying things that aren’t real is just simply a bad habit. This is what causes depression, anxiety, stress and frustration for many people.

It’s important to love yourself, be grateful & be happy as much as possible. You have to be able to depended on yourself to create your own happiness, create unconditional love for yourself and sincerely be able to feel grateful for what you currently have so others surrounding you, don’t have the power to destroy you.

Now that doesn’t mean you won’t have days you aren’t feeling yourself, days you wish you had extra money to get something you want or feel frustrated because something didn’t go your way. All these feelings are n o r m a l because no one is p e r f e c t. It’s normal to have flaws and off days. How could we embrace love and happiness if we never experience the opposite?

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Find ways to make YOURSELF happy, do what fills YOUR heart and encourage yourself to do anything that fuels YOUR spirit.

To wrap it up in a nutshell, don’t give a shit what people think and live life how you want.

Be perfectly imperfect, that’s what makes you, YOU.

Monday Mask: Peel-Off 


I decided to do a neon face mask today because it’s a representation of today’s chit chat – stand out, be you. Neon colors are known for their uniqueness and that’s what makes them stand out. Be a neon color in a world full of grey.

What you need:
• Neon Vibes Peel Off Mask .33 FL OZ./10 ML

How to use:
1. Apply thin to clean and dry face (avoid eyes, eyebrows, hairline,lips)
2. Leave on for 10-15 minutes (or until dry)
3. Gently peel off mask from the outer edges
4. Rinse with warm water

1. Infused with Vitamin C and Kakadu Plum
2. Minimizes the appearance of pores

How often:
• Single use per mask twice a week or as often as needed


Pros: The neon was so cute, would be a cute party favor, left my face soft, easy to peel

Cons: None.


In what ways do you keep yourself confident?

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