Mini Golfing Experience

Hey loves. This past weekend I took Gabe mini golfing because he’s been dying to go. It was the first time for the both of us.

We chose to go to theย Congo River Golf in Orlando. I decided to purchase the full package to enjoy the whole experience. It came with a full round of mini golfing with a scavenger hunt, gemstone mining, arcade coins, free souvenir golf ball, alligator feeding and hold a live gator, all for a little over $40.00.


Below is the scavenger hunt, which was on the back of the scoring keeping card.



Here he goes, Hole 1…





He was so excited to get to every station.




Taking selfies with my twin while we wait.


We found the Mummy!


Feeding the gators. Funny there was one gator who hung on and wouldn’t let go. We had to call a worker to come help.


The Gemstone Mining was pretty neat, we uncovered about 8 gems. He was able to keep them all.

After all that walking, we decided to hit the arcade for some fun.

Below is his medal for completing the scavenger hut & his souvenir golf ball.


Finally the moment Gabe was waiting for, the opportunity to hold a live gator. The gator was really fussy and hit Gabe with his tail, it was pretty funny.


It was a neat experience that I’d definitely do again. It involved a lot of walking so wear your most comfortable shoes and bring a water bottle. We grabbed a bite to eat at Ale House before heading home. We weren’t in the car for 5 minutes before he fell asleep on the way home. 100% satisfied.


What activities are on your to-do list?

*This was not endorsed nor did we receive any compensation/free product for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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