Mask Monday’s Chit Chat: The 3 P’s To Life Balance

Hey babes! Welcome back to Mask Monday’s Chit Chat.

Balance is something we all need but most lack. This lack causes distress, disorganization and lack of motivation. Below I’ll share 3 tips to keep a healthy life balance.

With that being said, this week’s mask is the Yin Yang face mask. Oh, the irony. Enjoy 🙂



Before you overwhelm yourself, make a list and prioritize. A running to-do list will help keep you organized. Prioritizing will lessen the stress of forgotten deadlines or missed deadlines.

      My most useful tip:

  • I write down the top priority categories and list below any sub-categories (if applicable) with deadlines next to each bullet point. Writing it down gives you a visual and a chance to organize it.


Give yourself deadlines. Set realistic deadlines but don’t be so hard on yourself if you have to extend them. Try to keep extending deadlines to a minimum to minimize procrastination. Planning will help keep balance and prevent slacking in certain areas.

      My most useful tip:

  • I have a yearly calendar in which is color coded by: Personal, School, Blog & Work in which I can keep track of deadlines and/or reminders for each one.


The last P is the most important one because a plan will just stay a plan unless you practice it. Crossing off items will feel satisfying and boost your motivation to stay on track. Practicing to take break is also important. Taking breaks will clear your mind and give you a fresh out look on your plan. The key is to balance both practices.

      My most useful tip:

  • When I have to extended a deadline, I’ll mark it as a high priority and write down why I had to extend it. Writing it down helps me take accountability for not meeting the deadline.


These 3 P’s will help you keep a balance in all aspects of life. Balancing doesn’t mean perfection. It’s like a balance beam, you need a little bit of both sides (keeping productive and taking breaks) to keep it just right. Everyone’s balance is different, it’s about finding what works for you.

*Always remember to take a mental/physical/spiritual break when needed to avoid burning out.*

I hope you enjoyed this week’s chit chat. Please feel free to send me any topics you’d like me to try/talk about.

Check out this week’s face mask, here.


How do you keep a healthy balance?

*This was not endorsed nor did we receive any compensation/free product for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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