Mask Monday’s Chit Chat: Let’s Help Save The Planet

Hey babes!ย Welcome back to the second week of Mask Monday’s Chit Chat.

As you can tell by the title, today I’ll be sharing ways we can all contribute to help save the planet.

I’ll also be sharing this week’s mask which is homemade to eliminate the packaging, fuel in driving to the store and the ability to use natural products from home.

Below will be 20 ways to help save the planet.

20 Ways To Help Save The Planet:

  1. Volunteer to clean-up parks and beaches
  2. Use reusable straws
  3. Plant a tree
  4. Use biodegradable utensils
  5. Use reusable shopping bags
  6. Eat less meat & dairy products
  7. Use matches over lighters
  8. Switch to online billing
  9. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth
  10. Recycle, recycle, recycle
  11. Eat less packaged foods
  12. Only wash full loads of laundry in cold water
  13. Turn off the water while shampooing your hair
  14. When possible walk, bike or take public transportation
  15. Bring your own mug/cup/glass to be filled
  16. Turn off lights when youโ€™re not in the room
  17. Unplug your electronics at night
  18. Use cloth napkin instead of paper napkin
  19. Use bar soaps instead of containers
  20. Use energy efficient light bulbs

people in parade with multicolored placard

Check out the face mask I used this week, here.



In what ways will you contribute to help our planet?

*This was not endorsed nor did we receive any compensation/free product for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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