Mask Monday’s Chit Chat: First Day of Fall

Hey babes, happy first day of Fall!ย I thought I’d start a new theme of Mask Monday’s Chit Chat.

These chit chat’s will consist of trending topics, raising awareness topics, educational topics and I’ll also be sharing what face mask I’m using during the chit chat for you guys to enjoy.

With today being the first day of Fall, I’ll be sharing 5 facts about Fall and my favorite part of Fall:

5 Facts about Fall

Fact 1: People born in the Fall tend to live longer than people born in other seasons.

Fact 2: Americans usually refer to this time of year as “Fall” while the British usually refer it to “Autumn”.

Fact 3: During this time, leaves stop their food-process cycle which creates the colors changing from green to yellow, red, orange or brown.

Fact 4: Though most but not all trees change colors during this time, like pines and cedars. These trees have needles covered in a thick wax which prevents the tree’s nutrients from freezing in the cold months.

Fact 5: Most babies are conceived during this time, due to high testosterone from both women and men.

This is by far my favorite season, ever. This season is just filled with coziness and fresh air. It has perfect weather, not too hot – not too cold. There’s plenty of activities to do with my family and/or friends. The landscape is beautiful with all the leaves changing colors. Autumn just has the relaxing vibe that no other season has.

I hope you enjoyed this week’sย Mask Monday’s Chit Chat xoxo

Check out the face mask I used this week, here.


What’s your favorite thing about Fall?ย 

*This was not endorsed byย Biorรฉ or Shea Moisture nor did we receive any compensation/free product for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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