My First Hurricane Experience

Hey babesss! By reading the title of this post, you know that this was my first hurricane experience since moving to central Florida. Let’s just say I was freaking out since hurricane Dorian was just a tropical storm in the Caribbean which then turned into a category 4 hurricane. No big deal, right?

I honestly never listen to the news or watch the news so I didn’t have a clue anything was even happening. I went to Dollar Tree during a lunch break and saw this below, which alarmed me and I got online to get myself up to speed.

This was up on Tuesday, couple of days before the hurricane at Dollar Tree

I didn’t really take it to serious until I started seeing these signs everywhere… Then I started to get a little worried

IMG_1929 (1)
Sorry for the low quality picture

First I had to google how to even prepare for a hurricane. I didn’t rush to get the supplies because I lived near so many places. First error. When I finally decided to go get supply on Thursday, the first thing I noticed was how empty the carriages section was…IMG_1367

Then how packed everywhere was. It looked like black Friday. People shoving each other and getting angry at each other. The lines for gas were also crazy long.

My main goal was to get water. Well, that goal went out the window because below is a picture of what aisle 3 (the water section) at Walmart & 2 Publix stores looked like.IMG_1366.PNG

I also couldn’t find any canned food…IMG_1575

I also went to 2 Dollar Tree’s just to be greeted with this sign both times.IMG_1426

So then I started to freak out because I couldn’t find water, but I did end up getting hurricane snacks for Gabe.

I managed to find two cases of small water bottles & two gallons of water a few days later

& I also got mama a little somethingIMG_1374.PNG

Days before the hurricane:


I was waiting in line to get gas before work when a random man let us know that the Publix next door just received a shipment of water cases, so I rushed over to get water and more snacks…


IMG_1928 (1)
I’ve never been so happy to see cases of water


So after all of this, the big ending to this blog post is that the hurricane never hit us. There was some rain and it was a bit windy but nothing alarming. Below was the view after this hurricane scare.


Well now I’m overloaded with snacks, water, canned foods & candles but I can’t and won’t complain. I’m grateful this was just a scare and nothing more.

Truly, my heart aches for the Bahama’s and I hope they are able to recover as soon as possible. I’ll be donating all my canned foods and extra items to help out. Bahama and their people will be in my prayers.


Comment reliable donation links, drop off areas, etc. below to give people in different areas ways to help the Bahamas in their time of need.

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