See Ya Later Alligator

Happy Saturday lovebugs! This past weekend we spent the afternoon at Gatorland. A good size alligator park in Orlando, FL. It’s definitely a great place to visit with the whole family if you need a break of the long lines and prices at the Disney Parks.

Below I’ll share our day at Gatorland!

So this was our view as we were walking in:IMG_0463IMG_0464IMG_0465IMG_0466

And so the adventure begins…

The first thing we decided to do was get a souvenir:ย 

We then decided to feed the baby alligators:


These baby gators were around 3-5 years old

We then took a stroll to see the Tortoises and other baby alligators:


We stopped to take a few pictures on our way to the Nature Train Ride:


Up next theย Nature Train Ride:

And we continue on our adventure…


This snake was out in the OPEN
When you’re over all the pictures your mom takes…ย haha!



Now it’s time to see the GATORS:

Let’s start offย  by saying this gator has his own tank for being just too friendly…. No, he was actually rescued by Gatorland from some gator hunter because he was eating all the neighborhood dogs.



Can you spot the gator?

After we saw the gators, we went to a gator show:


Saying cheese for the picture

I mean how can you go to a gator park and not hold a gator?


Absolutely no fear in his eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

It was a fun experience, took us about 3 hour to see everything, until next time…


After Gatorland, we stopped by Junior’s to grab a quick bite to eat before going home. It’s a Colombian burger joint. 100% recommended!


Gabe loved the experience at Gatorland and asked to come again. It did involve a lot of walking so comfortable shoes are a must (there’s also a mini water play area, we didn’t know about). We were able to bring our own snacks and water bottles into the park which was a great save.

Gabe’s favorite part was getting to hold the baby alligator and snake. His least favorite part was having to deal with all the bees while waiting for the train ride. I would definitely recommend going later in the afternoon, to avoid Florida’s beaming sun.


What unique parks do you have in the city you live in?

Sincerely Michelle

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