8 Years Already?


I remember being a scared 16 year old with a newborn. The only thing that would run through my mind was “how am I going to raise a baby when I’m still a baby myself”.

I wouldn’t change a single thing if I went back in time. Gabe’s been, is & will always be my biggest blessing.

Here’s a recap of Gabe’s birthday weekend.

This year we did things a little different… We usually throw him a birthday party, but he didn’t want one this year. Instead he told us what he wanted to do and what he wanted to get.

We started off the weekend by going to T-Rex Restaurant in Disney Springs (Orlando, FL). The restaurant overall was such a sight to see. He loved every second of it. It had huge dinosaurs all around. It was decorated like in the stone age era. It was a bit over priced (…but then again anything Disney is overpriced).

IMG_2120 (1)IMG_2119

Right after we ate lunch, we headed to build-a-bear (located right in the restaurant) where he made Rex.


Also inside the restaurant there was a section where he could dust off sand to find dinosaur fossils which he really enjoyed.


We then stopped by the Lego store at Disney Springs to build Lego cars and race them. (Lego’s are his favorite)


Sunday, he wanted to spend his downtime at Barnes and Noble to read books.


Tuesday (his actual birthday), we gave him his Nintendo Switch with a Pokemon game. (We’ve been getting him little gifts since Saturday so he wasn’t expecting it).


We also set up a scavenger hunt so he could find his vacation tickets to go visit his grandparents (which he has been begging to go visit them since school ended). He was super excited!

Below are some of the clues that were posted around our home.


We also cut him a small cake at my job and he was the happiest little boy.


To conclude his birthday weekend, we took him to Andretti. It’s an indoor karting, arcade games, bowling, laser tag and so much more. It’s like a Dave & Buster’s on steroids. I would recommend anyone visiting or living in Orlando to go experience this place.

Without a doubt it was a very successful birthday year for Gabe. He was beyond excited and grateful for everything. There’s nothing more special than being able to put a big smile on your child’s face.


What are ways you celebrate your kids birthdays? Comment below

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