New Hair, Who This?

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

It’s been pretty hectic the few two months for me. I’ve neglected my blog for a while but I’m ready to be back. I’ve been going through a transitional period in my life and I’m proud of how well I’ve adjusted. This experience has been quite the roller coaster and has taught me a lot.

It has opened my willingness to accept change and step out my comfort zone. I struggled with change, especially if I couldn’t control what the outcome would be. My comfort zone was living in a routine with deadlines and to do lists. I limited the amount of change I had to go through if possible. I almost felt like a robot at times. I did things without thinking because my day to day never really changed. If I ever thought of a change, it would always be stopped by a million doubtful questions.

These first two might not sound like a big deal but they’ve made such a difference to be able to keep expanding and exploring out of my comfort zone. These changes were difficult because I’m so use to routine and dislike the unknown. I preferred to do thingsย with predetermined outcomes ratherย than doing things and be uncertain of the outcome.

The initial change I experienced was deciding to dye my hair and actually following through with it. I’ve always had long black hair my whole life. I’ve had thoughts of dying it before but never had the courage to do it. Recently I got the urge to dye it and I didn’t give myself a chance to think twice. I got the blond balayage, which was kind of extreme for the first time but I did it anyway. I’m still adjusting to the new look but I’m so happy I did it.

Out With The Old

Sincerely Michelle

In With The New

Sincerely Michelle

The second major change was my job title. I went from being a human resource assistant with no prior experience in a tiny cubicle to the head of human resources with my own office all within a year. This has been such a challenging change yet so rewarding. I had to run absolutely everything by someone. I never made any decisions and my responsibilities were minimal. Now I’m making decisions and the department’s responsibilities fall on me. I’m trying to embrace and learn as much as I can. Even though it’s a big change, I couldn’t be happier to be where I am at today.

Old Cubicle vs New Office

Sincerely Michelle

Sincerely Michelle
I just moved in, I’ll be decorating soon

Just remember everything is timed perfectly. You might not understand certain struggles, changes or obstacles but everything has it’s purpose. Stress less and be patient.


What new changes have you gone through recently? Comment below.

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