The Secret To Getting Through A Tough Time

Happy Tuesday babes!ย I’ve been a bit inactive but I’m back & ready to thrive. Tough times are unfortunately unavoidable. Some situations are easier to get through than others. There is really no correct answer on how to deal with these situations expect to find a healthy coping mechanism. Here are some of the ways to get through tough times:

1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

I struggled with this. I would ignore my feelings and let it all build up until I exploded. This is an unhealthy coping mechanism. It’s easier to deal with the problem as they happen than it is to try and deal with a bunch of built up problems. I strongly recommend to acknowledge your feelings and not ignore them. It’s important to go through how you really feel so you can heal from the situation.

Remember, it’s okay to cry. Crying it out can relieve a lot of the pain when you’re done. It’s just your body and mind trying to express the pain you’re going through. Sometimes all we need is just a good cry.

2. Avoid Venting On Social Media

Even though venting is a great way to make you feel better, find someone you can trust and confine in instead of venting to social media. Venting on social media is unhealthy and once it’s out, you can’t take any of it back.

When you’re going through a hard situation, your mind is not in the right space which can cause you to say many things you don’t mean. Besides 99% of the time, people are just being nosy rather than empathizing what you’re going through.

3. Get Out Of Your House

Try not to completely isolate yourself.ย Don’t trap yourself in your house, this can just lead to a dark mindset. Get up, get ready and go do something you enjoy even if it’s just to get a coffee.

Getting out of the house will distract your mind from overthinking and/or dwelling on the situation. Sometimes physically removing yourself from an area where you can’t stop the toxic thinking can help greatly.

4. Take Control Of Your Mindset

This makes the biggest difference yet it’s the hardest to do. It’s important to take control of your thoughts. Shift any negative thoughts into positive ones, which I understand is easier said than done. Try to not look at the situation like “why me” instead, look at it as “what lesson is life teaching me”.

Life has so much to offer. Even though some lessons aren’t the funnest, they are still necessary for growth. Taking control of your emotions and thoughts will help you get through the toughest situations. As soon as you notice you’re heading into a dark mind space, try to stop and redirect your thoughts.

5. Spoil Yourself

Never forget, you deserve the world! Regardless of what you’re going through, it’s important to make yourself a priority. Tough times are just that tough times, it’s a temporary moment in your life.

Go treat yourself. Go get a manicure or go buy the shirt you’ve been wanting. Shower yourself with self love and self care.

If you surround yourself in a toxic or negative space, you will feed off of it. It’s important to spoil yourself with a positive space.ย Protect your space and cut off anything toxic or negative in your life.


Michelle’s Tip: You will find true happiness once you realize, it can only be fulfilled by YOU. You should be able to make yourself completely happy. Your happiness can’t depend on your spouse, children, friends, parents, etc. Another person should only be able to add on to your happiness, not complete it. Once you understand that, it will be very difficult for anyone to disturb your happiness.

What are ways you get yourself through a tough situation?

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6 thoughts on “The Secret To Getting Through A Tough Time

  1. These are awesome tips that really help you become more self aware and at least help navigate through the emotions when you’re having a tough time. Thanks for sharing!

    Amanda – Activated Living


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