30 Daily Positive Affirmations

Happy Tuesday! If you’ve read my previous post, you know that affirmations was my first step in self-healing. Affirmations re-direct, correct and push away negative thoughts. For affirmations to be effective, you have to let them flow. Don’t force yourself or make yourself uncomfortable while saying affirmations.

Here are 30 daily positive affirmations to uplift your spirits.


I am open to receiving all forms of abundance the universe has for me.
Sincerely Michelle

I am in perfect health filled with energy
Sincerely Michelle

I am going to conquer my dreamsSincerely Michelle

I am creating my dream lifeSincerely Michelle

I am grounded and strong mindedSincerely Michelle

I am financially abundantSincerely Michelle

I am brave and fearlessSincerely Michelle

I am patience and kindSincerely Michelle

I am filled with happinessSincerely Michelle

I am successfulSincerely Michelle


I attract peace and serenitySincerely Michelle

I attract success into my lifeSincerely Michelle

I attract wealth and abundanceSincerely Michelle

I attract abundance and prosperitySincerely Michelle

I attract various avenues of incomeSincerely Michelle

I attract positive choices for myselfSincerely Michelle

I attract physical and mental healthSincerely Michelle

I attract infinite amount of blessingsSincerely Michelle

I attract unconditional love and supportimg_6842

I attract positive and healthy relationshipsSincerely Michelle


I accept myself in every wayimg_6846

I accept the perfect balance in my lifeimg_6847

I accept every miracle coming my wayimg_6848

I accept to have a wonderful day todaySincerely Michelle

I accept syncing my mind, body and soulimg_6850

I accept my power and being in charge of my lifeSincerely Michelle

I accept to open the channel to receive creative ideasSincerely Michelle

I accept unlimited amount of self-loveSincerely Michelle

I accept unlimited amount of love, wisdom and happinessSincerely Michelle

I accept every new experience and challenge that enter my lifeSincerely Michelle


What affirmation stood out the most to you?


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