Orlando Science Center Trip

Happy Sunday! We took a trip to Orlando’s Science Center. It was a beautiful afternoon and such a great way to end his winter school vacation. He had so much fun exploring and learning. We didn’t have time to see everything. I didn’t want to rush his experience but that only means we can plan for a second trip to finish seeing everything!

Here are the few stops we got to enjoy:

First Stop: Isaac’s Family Climb Time

This was a cool little hallway we went through to get to our first stop.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures. I was to busy following him around. I think almost every parent had to climb in to get their kids. None of them wanted to leave! He had a blast.

Second Stop: Drip Drop Splash

This was a cool water area with many little activities to do.
We didn’t spend much time here because he didn’t want to get wet.
I loved the water area set up, it was perfect for kids.
(I would recommend it be the last stop you make)

Third Stop: Kids Town

img_6100 (1)
This was probably his favorite stop.
He loves figuring out how to get things to work.
It was a very visual and a great hands-on experience.

Fourth Stop: Orange Groove

img_6101 (1)
This was a unique experience.
This was a little educational orange shop.
It gave him an opportunity to see the process from start to finish.
From picking it off the tree to selling them at the market.
As you can tell, he loved this experience.
(We stopped by twice)

Fifth Stop: Zoo In You & Human Plus

img_6102 (1)
This was an educational stop.
I think he asked 100 questions during each activity.
It had his mind going and it was awesome to watch him ask so many questions.
This was a fun way for him to learn about what goes on inside of his little body.

Sixth Stop: Kinetic Zone

img_6105 (1)
He’s a hands on child and this was a great experience.
We spent the most of our time here because he wanted to figure out each station.
It was a great to watch him use his hands and mind to accomplish each station’s task.

Seventh Stop: Nature Works

img_6106 (1)
Well, if you know us, you know we love animals.
We went around to each animal and read every single info sheet.
According to him, he loved them all so much, he’d wanted to keep them all as pets.

Final Stop: Cinema Dome

IMG_6107 (1).PNG

In Conclusion…

img_6108 (1)

As you can tell, we had a blast! We will be returning to finish rest of the stations. You can go on their website for more information, pricing & upcoming events. I highly recommend any families with children in the Orlando area to stop by!


Which station would be your child’s favorite?

*This was not endorsed nor did we receive any compensation/free product for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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