4 Ways To Organize Your Goals For The New Year

Staying organized is beneficial for every aspect in life; parent life, business life, career life, personal life and financial life. If you don’t have a plan in place many things can be left undone and put on the back burner.

If you’re anything like me, your to-do list never ends. You can’t help but think when the heck am I going to get this all done? Being unorganized creates feelings such as feeling overwhelmed, depressed, discouraged, anxious and stressed.

Today being New Years is a perfect time for a fresh start! I would like to share some of my tips I use to organize, prepare and accomplish my goals.

ย 1. Yearly Calendar

My absolute must have! A calendar helps me plan in advance. I’m always excited to buy a new one every year. I’m those few people who use it and fill it up from Jan-Dec. I love color coordinating everything. My planners are my happy place. I use planners for my short term goals such as any day to day goals or weekly goals.

2. Yearly Goal Template

Things are always easier to fill out when there’s a template to follow. I have created many templates for my family & I. Templates are a organizational tacit. This year I created a Yearly Goals template. I will use this as my guide and reminder of what I want to accomplish in the new year.

3. Wizard Word

I started using the wizard word tacit last year (Jan 2018). I always struggled in the past with realizing I can’t fix myself all at once. Since I didn’t have a particular flaw I was working on, I tried doing everything at random times, on and off. With my template I can focus on one or use the template to create multiple words to focus on with a plan. I like to see progress and work towards a specific goal. This year I created my own wizard word chart for the upcoming year. This will help me improve specific areas in my life.

4. Motivate Yourself

As much as I love when my family and friends point out my accomplishments, I am my biggest cheerleader. I love watching motivational videos and taking notes. It really keeps me going. I know I have to feed my mind, body and soul to accomplish my goals. I have jotted down multiple quotes to get my started for the new year. Fueling myself with motivation will be a major key to stay on track.


Happy New Year! In what ways are you staying organized?

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